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We are all about solutions! We’ve already found the world's best long-lasting lip color, and now we have a method of presenting you with all of the beautiful colors we have available and how they look on YOUR beautiful face. Need help choosing your favorite everyday color and some new unexpected colors? Beautifully Made APP will help, along with your awesome personal distributor, to help you achieve the best lip color experience possible! Hand-in-hand we will make sure your lips are perfect all day, every day! Holla

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The mission behind this APP is purely to help you the distributor provide excellent customer service to your clients in helping them choose the perfect lip color. As we all know many customers are far away from us and cannot test colors and become hesitant to buy something they cannot try on first. (Even though our company stands behind the 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is amazing!) Our solution to this was to create a virtual swatch. This will help your client better visualize what the lip color will look like on their unique skin tone.

Another goal behind the APP is to help a client try on a color they might have over looked and never tried on without the ease of swiping the screen. This will hopefully encourage the client to add on a few more colors to their order! Obviously, the virtual swatch won’t look identical to the lip color actually on lips but it’s a great way to visualize the color. I hope you find success with this APP and that it is beneficial to you!

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